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Martial Arts Leicester

Karate for Kids

Our Karate course has been especially developed with parent’s requirements for their child in mind. Obviously parents want their children to have fun and learn this great sport, but they also want their children to improve important character traits like esteem, respect, self discipline…..

Martial Arts for Adults

Our Martial Arts course for adults includes MMA, Kickboxing and Freestyle Karate techniques. It delivers what adults want when they train. Things like, improving fitness, muscle tone and weight control, and giving adults confidence and peace of mind that they can defend themselves if ever needed…..

KBOX Kickboxing

Our KBOX Kickboxing course is the best kept secret for dropping excess fat, toning muscles and getting the body you want without hours and hours in the gym. We Are Confident You Will Agree That KBOX is More Fun Than Any Other Exercise Or Sport and Gives Much Faster Results Than Virtually Anything….

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Martial Arts Leicester….. Leicester’s Leading Martial Arts School


Our classes help with Confidence, Self Discipline, Weight Control, Fitness, Self Defence, Making Friends, De-Stressing and all our members have loads of fun.

Every aspect of our unique courses have been especially put together to help you take your abilities to the highest level.

Being a member means you will be joining a team that has a reputation of innovation, experience and an amazing track record.

We have got something for everyone, with our selection of courses and our range of Martial Arts, including Karate, Kickboxing and MMA.

Just use the form on the right to enquire about your free no obligation taster lesson and see for yourself what our Martial Arts School can offer you.

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Our Instructors

Michael Gannon


Master Gannon has studied the Martial Arts for 30 years and has been teaching Adults & Children in the Leicestershire Area for over 20 years. Among his many qualifications, Master Gannon is a qualified P.E Teacher.


Libby Gannon

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Daniel John

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Why Choose MG Martial Arts Leicester?

martialartsleicester-arrow Our Instructors and Coaches are all Professionally Trained and Certified , so rest assured, you’re in safe hands.
martialartsleicester-arrow They are also Martial Arts Experts, so they know exactly what they’re doing.
martialartsleicester-arrow They are all Enhanced CRB/DBS (Criminal Records Bureau) Checked.
martialartsleicester-arrow They are Fully Insured (we take your safety seriously).
martialartsleicester-arrow Every instructor undergoes over 100 hours of instructor training each year to keep at the top their game.


Any Questions or Queries? Give us a Call on 0800 6899 344

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Beaumont Leys School Sports Hall, Anstey Lane, Leicester, LE4 0FL

Thurmaston Memorial Hall, Melton Road, Thurmaston, Leicester, LE4 8DB


Millenium Hall, Brittania Road, Burbage, LE10 2HF

Self Defence

Many students come to train with us to learn self defence. When people first start training in martial arts they think that this is just a physical skills, As time goes on they realise that real self defence done correctly avoids conflict. To help our students understand this we have something called the ABC Of conflict avoidance And in brief it follows these ideas
A Avoid potentially dangerous situations
B Be calm and breath
C Communicate with confidence
D Don’t make it worse by arguing or fighting

Leadership Skills

One of the most fun leadership skills that we work in our classes is perseverance, The ability to keep going until you succeed.
When successful people are interviewed about how they succeeded They often say that the Character trait that help in the most was perseverance. As a student works towards their blackbelt , developing in them the belief that practice and not giving up is the only way to achieve success is very important! It also means they can use this belief in other parts of their life to be successful!

Awesome adult fitness class

What better way to start the weekend!!
Well done everybody for your Saturday morning workout!!!


A very successful test!

Congratulations everybody who successfully tip testing this week
It’s always great to see improvement in students well and everybody


Well done you Black belts!

Congratulations for everybody who achieved their blackbelt
It’s great to see all your hard work rewarded
Looking forward to working with you in the future and setting you even more awesome goals


MG blackbelt Academy Kickathon

Good luck with all students who take part in our event next week
I promise you a drastically exciting session with all students doing hundreds of kicks
Good luck regards Master Gannon

Awesome one day karate Boot Camp

Thanks again for all the support from parents and students alike, It went even better than I imagined that was down to everybody. The feedback we got from the students was great as well, Mostly it was when can we do it again!!!!
Yes that is planning another just after Easter next year

Student success! Improving ‘Good Manners’

It was great to see so many of my students, Completing their ‘good manners’Project yesterday. We had some terrific feedback from our parents. Improving martial arts skills for students is great fun, But improving life skills is even more rewarding!. Well done everybody I’m very proud of you.

Martial arts really is suitable for all ages

I often ask Adults if they would like to try the martial arts, Often their reaction is yes I would love to but I’m too old!!
I then tell them that they aren’t, I’m not sure they believe me. So I thought I’d let you know about one on you was recruits, His name is George ,He recently passed his first belt exam and is looking forward to practising With his new sparring gear!
Oh and by the way George is 84 years old!!!!
Initially I was a little bit worried about George in my martial art class, I’m so glad he decided to join, I find Him inspiration everytime he’s in class
Well done George


MG blackbelt Academy award night

Im looking forward to our Annual award ceremony, One of the best jobs I have As a chief instructor is rewarding fantastic students!
This will be a chance to reward the most important quality Students need
That of perseverance and determination. All students who receive the invitation will have a terrific night on 13 September, It will also be a great opportunity to Meet in a social setting and get to know everybody a little bit more.
Michael Gannon


Awesome summer program

Just a big thank you for all the students who are so enthusiastic, Even when trying something new-nun chuks!!!
Something that most have never done before but seem to really love it
Keep it up everyone


Another awesome Martial art weekend

It’s always great when they had good feedback, Even though the weather wasn’t all that great!! Parents and students I like telling us it was a great event


Annual Martial art camp Is almost here!

We have been running our martial art summer camp for over 20 years!
And I’m still excited as it approaches
It’s the weekend of the 28th and 29th of June, If you haven’t booked your place it’s highly recommended so please have a place with your instructor


I love belt promotions

I have the best job in the world.
Two students on the first step to Black belt , holding boards Broken by senior black belts

Hope everybody is looking forward to our one-day Boot Camp

I’m looking forward to a fantastic day tomorrow at our annual martial arts one day Boot Camp
We’ll have some fantastic martial arts guest instructors
But as usual all the children talk about is the watergun challenge!!!!
But that’s okay because I love it too!
Wishing everybody a great day for tomorrow and good luck


Love summer holidays!

I love the summer holidays at MGs blackout Academy, It’s a chance to relax and play some fun martial art games, As well as continue to work our syllabus and about promotion material
Keep it up everybody
Master Gannon


Get ready for some great self defence

Our annual martial art karate camp is almost here, Two days fantastic martial arts including some great self defence. a chance to socialise with other martial artists and have a great time.
It’s a shame is only once a year have a fantastic time everybody